dollar budget for product development within job description specializing flexographic production.  Ethan also assisted in the high tech arena in the Bay Area with companies such as EA Sports, Lucas Arts, and Activision.   In 1999, Ethan acquired the existing PowerHouse Media™ trademark from Cal Poly State University to offer competitive agency talent for design and product development. Since that time, Ethan was inaugurated to serve on a Civil Grand Jury in California and pursued post graduate training in technical applications for civil engineering and land survey.  Having been mentored in Santa Cruz by Larry August Palm, who operated a faith based religious non profit franchise, Ethan launched a portal platform to encourage exploration of spiritual values, and critical thinking, within an academic context. Based on a life changing epiphany Ethan had in 2009,  shift in spiritual focus has led him in a new era for transformation.

Thompson Ad Agency, as well as an English teacher with Santa Barbara Highschool. 

While in college, Ethan interned with the City of Santa Barbara Community Development Administration under Designer Lencho Auchstetter and apprenticed with UCSB Publications Director George Delmarico and worked for San Luis Obispo NewTimes Editor Steve Moss. Ethan was the first Design major at Cal Poly to have established minor emphasis under Industrial Technology coursework study in assembly, extrusion and emulsion processes audited by Stanford Laureate John Mendenhal as Cal Poly professor.  Upon graduation, Shenkman  was recruited to serve as a packaging project manager for a Fortune 500 subdivision of Heinz Corporation with discretionary multimillion 

Ethan Shenkman at a Young Professional's Mixer in Santa Barbara 2010

PowerHouseMedia™ plugs in with the Church of California

Eileen Leonard Hypnotherapy
Beverly Hills CA, 1992
Perennial Land Survey
Santa Cruz CA, 2001

Tyco Toys, Inc
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo CA, 1994
Literacy Council
San Luis Obispo CA, 1993
Egregious Music
San Luis Obispo CA, 1998

Cal Poly Career Services
San Luis Obispo, 1994
J&E Painting
San Luis Obispo CA, 1995
Bobbi's Mexican Food
Ventura CA, 1995

Central Coast Auto Detail
San Luis Obispo CA, 2000
LocuTour Multimedia
San Luis Obispo CA, 1994

General Store
San Luis Obispo CA, 1993
Artemis Theatre Group
San Luis Obispo CA, 1995

University Christian Network
Santa Cruz CA, 1999
Arts Connection
San Luis Obispo, , 1994

Central Coast Pure Water
San Luis Obispo CA, 1998
Dioscorus as King of England
Santa Barbara CA, 2013
Happy Holiday Card
Boise ID, 1997

‟Where details aren't details, details are  

 what make the design.″

 - Norman Bel Geddes | Product Developer

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PowerHouse Media™ 

 PowerHouse Media™  generates publications for Santa Barbara politics and humor.  
"I know art,
but I dont know
what I like!"

Always enterprising, native to Santa Barbara Ethan David Shenkman started his career as a newspaper carrier, where he managed to write a comic strip that appeared with the Santa Barbara News-Press, the Santa Barbara Independent, and the Santa Maria Times totalling a weekly circulation audience of 100,000 twenty years ago.  Inspired by his older brother Alex Shenkman, local influential artist, Ethan also painted a mural for Dunn School where he attended before entering college, while working with Robert Turner III as Advisor on the school newspaper serving as Illustrator, Writer, and Editor in Chief.  Ethan's parentage includes having two industrial class professionals: his father was Art Director for corp-oration General Motors Lockheed Martin Division, and his mother was field journalist with Newsweek, and a copywriter at J Walter 

Mural painted by Ethan at Dunn School, Los Olivos CA 1990-c.2013
Church of California℠​  
Founder Ethan D Shenkman
​ promotes Santa Barbara theme destination with facts about ideology, faith, and local culture.
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